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When Taito released Space Invaders in 1978, it was an enormous hit in Japan. The game was earning *BILLIONS* for arcade operators. The competition rushed to create clones. Nintendo, Data East, Konami, Irem, Sega and Datsuco all produced their own versions of Space Invaders! 

Video Invaders Features...

  • Pixel-Perfect RARE Coin-Op you WILL NOT find in MAME.
  • Unlocked frame rate (play at 120fps if your monitor supports it)
  • Custom controls supported (e.g. Hayabusa arcade controls or 8Bitdo)
  • No DRM or SPYWARE. You buy it. You own it!

 Press '5' to insert coin. Return to the Legendary Space War!

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Published 6 days ago
Release date 7 days ago
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, coin-op, Minimalist, Pixel Art, rare, Retro, Space, space-invaders
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsGamepad (any)


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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The game is great, a real throwback to the original space invaders. There is one minor suggestion I had so far and that's if there's any possibility some color can be added?

Hey - thanks Letobrick! Sure - I can add some color... let me think about it... I’m working on it tonight so probably sooner than later...

Thanks for considering! Thinking even something similar to original space invaders (

) with the shade of green and red would be great, but I understand if copyright becomes an issue here. End of the day, gameplay is what counts and I think this delivers, cheers.

I’m working on it - Give me a few days! I think we can do better than the original :-)

Hey, quick quesiton.  I can't get the game to recognize my Xbox controller.  Any suggestions?

Hey! Try running  the control settings EXE After you have the controller plugged in. Click on a joystick control function (e.g. fire) and then press the button on the controller you want to use. Settings will be saved automatically. Get back to me if this doesn’t work...

Feel free to ask any questions below - I've just enabled the comments...